Utility Providers

Utilities for Danville, Illinois: Electricity

In an effort to promote competition among electric power suppliers, Illinois lawmakers approved the Electric Service Customer Choice and Rate Relief Law of 1997.  Today, commercial and industrial customers have a number of retail electric suppliers to choose from.

Illinois customers have three options for meeting their electric supply need in 2007 and beyond:

  • BGS – Basic Generation Service
  • RTP – Real Time Pricing
  • RES – Retail Electric Supplier

For more detail, see: www.ameren.com/illinois/electric-choice

As your delivery services company, your Ameren Illinois utility is responsible for the infrastructure that delivers electric from the power plant to your door.  Their commitment to quality, around-the-clock service remains the same regardless of your power supplier.

For a list of those suppliers registered, certified and approved by the Illinois Commerce Commission go to: www.icc.illinois.gov/utility/

Utilities for Danville, Illinois: Natural Gas

Rates for customers that do not wheel gas directly from the pipeline include: 

  • SC51:  Residential Gas Service Rate
  • SC63:  Small Volume Firm Gas Service
  • SC64:  Intermediate Volume Gas Service
  • SC65:  Large Volume Firm Gas Service
  • SC66:  Seasonal Gas Service
  • SC76:  Transportation of Customer-owned Gas and Best Effort Back Up
  • SC90:  Contract Service

For more information, visit www.ameren.com/illinois/gas-choice

Utilities for Danville, Illinois: Water


Aqua Illinois, Inc., www.aquaillinois.com

  • Plant capacity:14.0 MGD
  • Average demand:7.8 MGD
  • Peak demand:10.28 MGD

Vermilion County service area: Danville, Tilton, Indianola, and unincorporated areas adjacent to Danville; wholesale water to Westville and Catlin

Storage capacity:

Finished storage at plant: 1.25 MG

Finished storage at distribution system: 9.8 MG

Production facilities:

  • 14 MGD, state-of-the-art, modern treatment facility, went into operation 1992, current average pumpage 8 MGD
  • Split treatment, clarification - lime softening facility – nitrate removal (ion exchange) pH control with lime and CO2 allows for water stability and corrosion control
  • Three billion gallon reservoir as source of supply


Lake Vermilion (supplied by North Fork of Vermilion River)


3 billion gallons


  Cubic feet per month Rate per 100 cubic feet
For the first... 100 $4.8915
For the next... 900 $3.5481
For all over... 1,000 $2.5344
Large general service user (>35,000) by contract only $1.3658

Utilities for Danville, Illinois: Sanitation

Supplier: Danville Sanitary District
Type of treatment process: Secondary activated sludge with 3rd stage filters and sludge is land applied
Capacity: 16.000 MGD
Current demand: 8.6 MGD
Excess capacity: 7.4 MGD
Present BOD load: 10,325 lbs/day
Design BOD load: 33,360 lbs/day

Utilities for Danville, Illinois: Solid Waste

  • Brickyard Disposal (Danville)
  • Illinois Landfills, Inc. (Hoopeston)
  • 9,355,539 cubic yards
  • 11,724,587 cubic yards
Life expectancy:
  •  22+ years
  • 100+ years

Current tipping fees at Brickyard Landfill and Illinois Landfill are $49.00 per ton with a 2-ton minimum.  In addition, an Environmental fee of $5.00 per load and a fluctuating Fuel Recovery fee that is currently at 3.72 % are added to the total charge.

Utilities for Danville, Illinois: Telecommunications 

AT&T Inc.

The new AT&T (formerly SBC) delivers an unsurpassed portfolio of traditional and IP-based voice, broadband internet, data transport, wireless and video services. The service area includes Danville and the southern two-thirds of Vermilion County. Fiber optics deployment in all directions from the Danville central office extended to the central dispatch offices in Eastgate; north to Newell Road; south to Hegler; Oakwood in the west and Southgate in the southeast. Find more information on AT&T and DIRECTV visit www.attinternetservice.com or www.directvdeals.com/contact-us/.

Cellular One of East Central Illinois

Cellular One, the only locally operated cellular service provider, offers the latest in telecommunications technology, including nationwide cellular phone service and high speed wireless internet for the home or business. Service plans are designed to meet the needs of East Central Illinois residents. More information is available at www.cellular1.net

AT&T Mobility (formerly Cingular Wireless)

Cingular Wireless is the largest wireless company in the United States, with more than 54 million subscribers who use the nation’s largest digital voice and data network. Cingular is dedicated to providing customers in Central Illinois with wireless technology designed to enrich their lives. Find more information on the web at www.att.com


Serving Bismarck, Alvin, Henning, and Hoopeston, including the north, northwest portion of the county; Rossville and central to northeast county; Sidell and southwest corner of county.

Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless is the nation’s leading provider of wireless communications, with the largest nationwide wireless voice and data network and 37.5 million customers.  Verizon Wireless offers customers in Central Illinois the very latest in wireless communications technology with a high level of customer service, broad range of equipment and service plans to suit every need, all backed by the company’s Worry Free GuaranteeSM.  Find more information on the web at www.verizonwireless.com


HughesNet is rural broadband that's available to you no matter where you live in the United States, even where cable and DSL don't reach.The average download speed in Illinois is 8 Mbps, but when you get a HughesNet Gen4 Power plan, you'll enjoy much faster speeds. At last, Illinoisans in every part of the state can get the speed they need to stream music, download movies, and watch the local college football team triumph. Residents of rural Illinois will be glad to hear that not only are HughesNet Gen4 Power plans much faster than dial-up, they will also keep their phone line free.  Here is the link for our Illinois customers: www.hughesnet.com/index.cfm?page=local&state=il

Utilities for Vermilion County, Illinois: Electricity

  Supplier System Capacity Peak System Demand
Catlin Ameren IL 12,500 KW 4,000 KW
Georgetown Ameren IL 4,441,000 KW 4,055,000 KW
Hoopeston Ameren IL 18,900 KW 15,048 KW
Westville Ameren IL 4,441,000 KW 4,055,000 KW
Oakwood Ameren IL 12,500 KW 3,000 KW
Potomac Ameren IL 8,400 KW 3,957 KW
Ridge Farm Ameren IL 4,441,000 KW 4,055,000 KW
Rossville Ameren IL 10,800 KW 2,980 KVA
Tilton Ameren IL 4,441,000 KW 4,055,000 KW

Utilities for Vermilion County, Illinois: Water