Major Employers


As the economy and business environment have changed in the last few years, so have we. The economy is a diverse mix of highly successful entrepreneurs, services, national and international manufacturers, transportation and distribution specialists, and regional back office data centers. Our people are known for integrity and hard work which makes the area a highly desirable location for employers and an exciting environment to encourage entrepreneurship.

From large national and international employers to smaller companies and suppliers, the area is a great place to grow and maintain successful businesses. There are names you will recognize like Quaker Oats and Walgreens Accounting and Arconic. 

Top Ten Major Employers (Non-Retail)

  • Vermilion County Public Schools and District 118
  • Veteran’s Affairs Illiana Health Care System
  • McLane Midwest Company
  • OSF HealthCare Sacred Heart Medical Center
  • Vermilion County Government 
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield 
  • AutoZone
  • Quaker Oats  
  • Voyant Beauty
  • Danville Metal Stamping 

Employment for Every Season

People who are ready to start a career or move to the next level find unique opportunities in our area. Long-time professionals who are making a strategic career move choose the community because of the range of employment and lifestyle options. And people who are ready to finish their career also choose us because of the strength of our employers, family that is nearby, and the way of life unique to Vermilion County.