Leadership Tomorrow

Leadership Tomorrow Class 33 - 2022

Purpose of the Program

The Leadership program was created in 1986 to assist emerging community leaders in preparing for leadership positions in local government and community affairs. The program's intent is to help the community face the complex issues of today's world while providing the necessary leadership for tomorrow.

The purpose of Leadership Tomorrow is to be able to provide Vermilion County with a continuing resource of men and women - equipped with community knowledge and leadership skills, challenged to get involved - shaping the future and direction of our community's potential. This is done with 9 sessions, generally every other Friday (8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.), starting with a one-and-a-half day Retreat (locally, not overnight) starting in January 2022 and ending with Graduation Day in May 2022. Education, experience and community service are emphasized (see more information at application link below). This class will also include community history and leadership training. We are preparing for future leadership of the community with informed, accurate information and awareness. This is a County-wide program.

The Leadership Tomorrow program benefits include: 

Employers - Provides exposure to local social, political, and economic factors that impact business. 

Participants - Encourages and provides opportunities for networking with peers and established community leaders; provides a greater understanding and broader perspective of local issues; increases understanding of community needs; and reinforces and builds upon personal leadership skills. 

Our Community - Creates a pool of emerging and future leaders with a broad perspective of local issues; encourages civic responsibility; and equips leaders with the tools and knowledge to make a difference. Participants are encouraged to get involved in the area where they live, work and play. 

One of the greatest benefits is the close bond, networking and friendships that are the end result. Many of the class members stay in touch, know who they can call for help, and have used the networking in their personal and professional lives. It is a mix of people from different walks of life, age groups and backgrounds - coming together with different perspectives and sometimes perceived notions, who might not have known each other before or be aware of each other's talents and expertise.  Participants must complete 35 volunteer hours (giving back to the community). Classes also include community history and leadership training. 

Leadership Tomorrow Objectives

  • To develop quality leadership talents which lead to creative problem solving and future planning by the participants.
  • To develop in participants an awareness of the community, its problems, challenges, and opportunities, through an educational process.
  • To assist participants in assuming leadership roles in the community.
  • To develop and ensure the continuation of a network of community leaders.
  • To expose current issues and cutting edge information in each session - issues affecting Vermilion County and the area.
  • To provide the participants the opportunity to network and receive quality information on leadership skills.

Leadership Tomorrow – personal and professional development....leadership skills, commitment, involvement, giving back – an understanding of the community – past, present and future.

Application Process

The application period for Class 33 will be announced later in 2021. 

A one-and-a-half-day retreat (takes place locally, not overnight) will address community issues/concersn and leadership training. Program days will take place very other Friday ending with graduation in May. The tentative program days are as follows (and are subject to change): 

  • 1-1/2 Day Retreat - Current Community Overview, Leadership Training 

  • Education & Communication - DHS Tour, DACC, College Express, Energy Leadership Index, Communication Tools, Personal Brand 

  • Business & Industry - The "Prospect" Process, Business & Indsutry Panel, Tour of Manufacturing 

  • Government - CIty/County Government, Public Works

  • Criminal Justice - Judicial Overview, Peer Court, Tour of the Prison and Public Safety Building, Police Ride-alongs

  • Health Care - Vermilion County Health Department, New Directions, Overview from OSF and Carle, Tour of Veteran's Affairs

  • History Day - Tour of Walldog Murals, Fischer Theater, War Museum, Vermilion County Museum and Springhill Cemetery

  •  Ag/Conservation Day - Vermilion County Conservation District, Soil & Water Conservation District, Pontoon Boat ride on Lake Vermilion, Kennekuk's new Education Center, Tour of Sleepy Creek Winery

  • Graduation Day

A journal must be kept documenting the community hours, and a personal "reflection paper" describing what you learned from your volunteer experiences, will be collected at the end of the program in May.

Applications can be completed below, available at our office, by calling 217-442-6201, or by emailing Annie Monyok at annie@monyokleadershipcoaching.com. Applicants will go thru an interview process. Tuition cost is $750.00 inclusive for the 4-month program (other discounts may apply based on Vermilion Advantage membership level). A Scholarship may be available. For more information, contact Machelle Dykes at Vermilion Advantage (mdykes@vermilionadvantage.com) or Annie Monyok (annie@monyokleadership.com).