Production Planner

Employment type: 

  • Full time

Years of experience: 

  • 3 - 5 years


Medical, dental, vision, 401K


Bachelor (or higher) required in area of discipline.

Days per week: 





General Summary

 In conjunction with others develops production schedules for finished goods and component items based on equipment, labor and raw material availability.

Essential Job Functions:

·        Plans and establishes production schedule to meet customer demands, sales forecasts and customer delivery requirements.

·        Coordinates with the Purchasing department to meet an objective production schedule for the facility.

·        Provides necessary information and support to the Operations Manager, Purchasing, Inventory Control, and Accounting departments.

·        Estimates production time for each order giving consideration to the availability of machines, material and tooling, number of operations involved, manufacturing backlog, order quantity, complexity of product (i.e. assemblies), previous history, outside operations, etc.

·        Examines the status of each order by reviewing work-in-process, open orders, material status, over-dues, etc. and checks with schedulers and expediters.

·        Audits work-in-process for potential short yields, order closing, abnormal delays, and progress, and advises schedulers and production supervisors of problems and requests corrective actions.

·        Develop schedule to minimize overtime and change overs to maximize efficiency.

 ·        Maintains long-range strategy keeping customer service and purchasing in mind.