Production Lead

Employment type: 

  • Full time

Years of experience: 

  • 1 - 2 years


Medical, dental, vision, 401K


QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS: Able to perform Responsibilities and Expectations to Supervisor satisfaction Must have good communication skills, both written and verbal Customer focused; Must be flexible in dealing with others in the organization, and with work assignments/projects Must be capable of both creative thought and deductive reasoning Strong Leadership abilities Self-organized Self-motivated; Ability to work independent of supervision Team player; Participation on Plant Continuous Improvement (CI) Process Attendance is essential to job qualification. No unexcused absence is acceptable. PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Ability to lift up to 65lbs. Using hands and arms together to move various items Able to stand for extended periods of time

Days per week: 






  • Direct and train all production line personnel
  • Proper communication of supervisor expectations to line personnel
  • Identify product quality problems and initiate corrective action
  • Assist and Coordinate changeover process and verify all components staged on line
  • Stock all machines on production line
  • Order components for line
  • Clean Production line and maintain cleaning supply inventory for designated area
  • Operate all machinery on production line to provide assistance during breaks including Stacking
  • Maintain Hot Tank (premix and add Sodium Nitrate)
  • Destage line when changing over
  • Drum flushes from Filler change over
  • Notify supervisor of any problems that might or do result in “Hold” material
  • Distribute paychecks to production personnel
  • Conduct BOS Audits twice per week
  • Identify, analyze, and correct production rate barriers
  • Spotting defects and inconsistencies in groups of items
  • Coordinating both hands and arms to move items from one place to another
  • Carefully following detailed procedures to complete a task
  • Complete appropriate paperwork
  • Writing numbers neatly and clearly
  • Basic computer skills
  • Follow Safety/GMP guidelines
  • Follow Enzyme Policies and Procedures when applicable
  • Maintain an Annual Performance Evaluation Rating of Average or better.
  • All other duties as assigned by the supervisor.