Mechatronics Apprentice

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  • Full time


Your Responsibilities

Summary: The Mechatronics Apprentice supports the PDAN Maintenance team in the mechanical and electrical maintenance of facility equipment. They assist in the installation and repairs of electrical systems, apparatus, and electrical and electronic components of industrial machinery and equipment, troubleshooting and repair of all production related machinery, mechanical systems and control sub-systems while maintaining the highest safety standards and best work practices. This position requires a 100% commitment to safety both in performing the functions of the job role as well as demonstrating exemplary safety behavior for colleagues.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Other duties may be assigned.

Duties and Objectives for this role will increase each year in the program. As the Apprentice gains knowledge and skills, the complexity of task and objectives will increase. The Apprentice is expected to take on new tasks each year while maintaining the mastery level of previous tasks learned.


Your Profile

Year 1: Job Duties

  1. Maintains a safe working environment by complying with all safety and environmental policies in the workplace. Advocates for and promotes a safe work environment by reporting Near Misses and/or other safety and environmental hazards, wearing all required PPE and encouraging others to do the same.
  2. Assists in the performance of all scheduled maintenance tasks according to the PM Schedule and most current procedure.
  3. Maintains high housekeeping and 6S standards at all times and in all areas including the workshop, personal toolbox and Production equipment during and at completion of all tasks.
  4. Obtains supplier training for new and existing equipment that may require out-of-state or overseas travel.
  5. Assists the technician in troubleshooting, diagnosing, and repair of machinery in breakdown situations when necessary.
  6. Reads and understands engineering drawings.
  7. Effectively communicate, records concepts, instructions, and definitions. Works effectively within the team.
  8. Maintains labor and work history reporting into CMMS work-order forms accurately and descriptively on a daily basis.
  9. Respond to all customers both internal and external with a sense of urgency and professionalism.
  10. Has authority to stop processes to correct quality, safety or environmental problems, identify and place suspect product on quality hold, and to promptly notify Supervisory personnel when processes become noncompliant.
    1. Supervisory personnel have been delegated the responsibility and authority to add additional inspection steps necessary to ensure product quality when processes become noncompliant.

Year 2: Duties

  1. Trains others on the performance of all scheduled maintenance tasks according to the PM Schedule and most current procedure.
  2. Reads and understands hydraulic/pneumatics drawings and schematics.
  3. Assists in the recognition and repair of damaged electrical equipment before it results in lost production time; including but not limited to: light barrier mirrors, cables, proximity switches, relays, and motors.
  4. Assists in the performance of diagnostics and repair of all Process Control Systems.
  5. Assists in the configuration, diagnosis, and repair of Industrial Vision Systems, including Cognex, Banner, Keyence, Winkhaus, NeuroCheck, etc.
  6. Participates in work/process studies and trials for Continuous Improvement initiatives.
  7. Assists in the fabrication (turning, machining, grinding and welding) of new and/or repair parts.

Year 3: Duties

  1. Assists in the installation of electrical equipment in accordance with provided electrical schematics.
  2. Assists in the troubleshooting of electrical equipment on production lines for diagnostics and repair or to identify a need for additional resources.
  3. Assists in the configuration, diagnosis, and repair of RFID systems.
  4. Assists in the performance of diagnostics and repair in all areas of Computerized Numerical Control Systems, including Siemens, Osai, etc. Restores a CNC system from various backup media, utilizing documented procedures.
  5. Assists in the performance of diagnostics and repair in all areas of ABB, Fanuc, Epson, etc., (robotics).
  6. Reads and understands electrical schematics.
  7. Assists in accurately diagnosis equipment problems, implement appropriate solutions and affirm continued effectiveness of repairs and maintenance.
  8. Assists with the specification, design and installation of specialty tools and equipment.