Heavy Equipment Mechanic

Application deadline:

Saturday, June 1, 2019 - 1:02am


Mervis Industries, Inc.


SUMMARY DESCRIPTION: This job requires the employee to assist mechanics on repairs heavy equipment used in the processing and transport of scrap metals. It is imperative to this position that the employee be physically able to lift or move up to 100 pounds. It is part of the essential functions of the job that the maintenance mechanic helper will be able to climb onto and sometimes into heavy machinery.

1. Assist with routine repairs.
2. Diagnose and make routine repairs of our heavy equipment.
3. Weld parts as necessary.
4. Replace parts and components when necessary to rebuild units at regular intervals.
5. Operate the machine’s controls in order to perform the designated task within the machine’s capabilities.
6. Recognize the machine’s limitations in order to work safely in a large variety of job situations
7. Recognize operational control problems and coordinate their repair with outside vendors.
8. Train and assist the operators in the routine care of the machines
9. Test equipment to check operation
10. Schedule equipment for and perform preventive maintenance on heavy equipment, coordinating these activities with the yard operations manager


1. Drug free
2. Unblemished work and attendance record
3. Ability to work safely alone in highly congested areas
4. The ability to use hand tools and trade type tools
5. The strength and dexterity to lift and move 50-100 pounds manually in the maintenance of equipment
6. The agility and flexibility to climb on the various machine areas to grease and clean the machine components
7. The ability and willingness to follow directions
8. The ability to work together with other employees as a team

1. Must be alert at all times
2. The ability to recognize potential hazards
3. An extensive knowledge of the safety requirements for working around heavy equipment
4. The ability and willingness to learn new skills
5. The ability to coordinate eye, hand, and foot movements

1. Any recognized job experience (military or civilian)
2. On-the-job training program conducted by an experienced Maintenance Mechanic
3. Demonstrated ability to operate any specific piece of equipment mentioned in the job summary

Employment type: 

  • Full time

Days per week: 

Monday - Friday



Years of experience: 

  • 3 - 5 years

Required degree level: 

  • High school