Contract Administrator

Employment type: 

  • Full time

Years of experience: 

  • 1 - 2 years

Days per week: 

Monday - Friday


A Contract Administrator is the Company’s first-line of contact with its customers and is responsible for analyzing contracts and scheduling the acquisition of products from internal and external sources, then reporting to management and the customer the delivery status of their orders. 


Essential functions and duties of the position include but not limited to:

  1. Daily communication with employees at all level of organization and customers via email, phone, and/or in person.
  2. Follow up with various departments on a daily basis on progress of production of assigned parts
  3. Reporting out to customers on progress towards ship dates for assigned parts
  4. Coordinating the materials required to produce assigned parts and ensuring materials are available for production
  5. Management of multiple tasks in an organized manner
  6. Development of presentation materials to make oral and visual presentations to employees and/or customers
  7. Daily use of computer and specific software programs
    1. Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook
    2. IFS
  8. Sitting up to 6 hours per day
  9. Walking and/or standing up to 3 hours per day

Qualifications for the position will include:

  1. Demonstrated ability to think critically in developing logical solutions to solving a problem
  2. Demonstrated ability to work in a group setting towards a common goal
  3. Demonstrated understanding, respecting, and adhering to the policies and regulations of Danville Metal Stamping
  4. Demonstrated treatment of coworkers and management with respect
  5. Demonstrated understanding of processes needed to create a wide range of products


Other factors that will influence the final selection may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Self-motivation
  2. Education
  3. Personal effort at self-improvement
  4. Interpersonal skills and ability to work well with others
  5. Ability to assess situations and act accordingly
  6. Organizational and time management skills
  7. Attention to detail