Inter-Governmental Planning Council

The Intergovernmental Planning Council was formed in 1997 to plan, coordinate and prioritize the major infrastructure components needed to propel our county forward.

The main objectives are:

  1. To annually coordinate and plan among the key public-sector bodies regarding capital improvement needs and plans for road and utility improvements;
  2. To determine which projects require outside state or federal assistance to proceed;
  3. To prioritize those projects needing additional capital and provide a signed, agreed upon cost and prioritized list to our state and federal legislators prior to the commencement of their budgeting processes;
  4. To align capital improvement plans to prevent duplication of effort (e.g. a road being repaved or improved, only to be torn up months or a year later to install new water line, etc.).

The Council meets quarterly on the 1st Thursday of the month. Contact Tim Dudley for more information.