One of the most pleasant surprises is coming home to Vermilion County.

Our cost of living is a full 10% less than the national average. But wait . . .this means “less” only in the areas that matter. It means you will find more of your income available for other things. It means that you will find yourself in a home with more amenities than you ever imagined possible. It may also mean you could find yourself with the ability to invest in a home purchase rather than renting.

The possibilities are endless – a home on the lake in the heart of the community, a new home in a quiet subdivision, a beautifully restored older home on a tree-lined street, a country or small community setting, or senior living options for anyone in your family - you will find a comfortable, affordable option in Vermilion County. All of this without a long commute – every location is within minutes of every major employer.


Vermilion Advantage takes a customized approach to working with any new professional considering relocation to our area to take a position with one of our employers.  By learning about personal and family needs and interests, our team can point a candidate to living options, extracurricular activities, schooling and activities for children, spousal employment or whatever else is important as a relocation consideration.  Our goal is to help make a candidate’s move to our area as seamless as possible. 

For additional information or to hear more, please contact Machelle Dykes at mdykes@vermilionadvantage.com or call our office 217-442-6201.

Getting Away for a Day or Weekend

When you want to slip away for a day, an evening or a weekend, you’ll find major highways that lead you directly to Indianapolis in a little over an hour to the east, to Chicago in just over two hours to the north, and to St. Louis about three hours to the south and west.