Hoopeston High SchoolWe understand that one of the most important decisions about where to locate is making sure your children and family are in the right place. In Vermilion County, you may be surprised to find that our system of education – from childcare and Pre-K, to 24 elementary schools and 12 high schools, to higher education and training – is award winning and remarkably extensive for a community of our size. We are nationally recognized for our collaborations at all educational levels. Employers are active partners with education to ensure our students are prepared for a global economy.

Early Education and Care

The system begins with caring daycare and Pre-K education for children in faith-based, public or private settings.  See link below for a daycare/preschool list.

Danville Public Schools

If you are interested in public education in the city of Danville, District 118 takes quality, hands-on education to a whole new level. Besides offering strong, traditional classroom education that prepares students for higher education, the world of work, and being a better citizen of the world, here are some things that might surprise you.

  • Gifted program beginning at 3rd grade
  • Advanced placement, dual credit courses at Danville High School
  • Exciting magnet elementary school with great parent involvement and outstanding student achievement
  • Standout music, athletic, and arts programs throughout elementary and high school

Innovative “House” structure at DHS.The Global Learning House develops students to contribute and thrive in the global economy. Foreign language is a staple including Spanish, French and even Mandarin! The ACE House integrates arts into the academic curriculum to develop remarkable creativity. The New Tech High focuses on project based learning where technology and inquiry are used to engage students with issues and questions that are relevant to their lives.

Faith-Based Education

The community offers strong choices for faith-based education – from Pre-K through high school. Students and parents appreciate the small class sizes, caring faculty, outstanding academic and extracurricular programs, strong college preparatory programs, and the fact that 96-100% of graduates go on to attend college. All in an environment based on faith principles.

County Schools

If you prefer a quieter daily life and want to locate in one of Vermilion County’s small towns, the school districts are the center of community life. At those schools, you might be surprised to find:

  • Award-winning high school newspapers
  • Innovative, hands-on teaching and learning happening in small classes
  • Active drama, music, and art programs where students shine
  • Athletics where virtually every student finds a place
  • College prep and AP courses
  • Teachers and educators who are active with students outside the classroom.

Higher Education

Higher education in the community begins with Danville Area Community College. This public 2-year college offers some surprising opportunities for people at every season of life. Vocational coursework, college prep courses that are guaranteed to transfer to top universities, a wide variety of online courses that have become 20% of student enrollment, innovative programs and courses not found in other places, and all taught by outstanding professors. DACC has had four National Teachers of the Year. Eastern Illinois University also offers baccalaureate coursework on campus.

Also in the community is the highly competitive Lakeview College of Nursing which offers a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing Program.

Four-year universities within an hour’s drive include the University of Illinois (30 miles), which features a renowned Executive MBA program; Purdue University (45 miles); Indiana State University (59 miles); Ivy Tech (59 miles); and Eastern Illinois University (70 miles).

Beyond the Working Years

As people move to a later season of life, the community offers a unique mix of services and opportunities including: active residential retirement villages; assisted living; CRIS senior services, a one-stop resource for seniors and their caregivers; in-home meals for seniors.

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