Economic Forecast Breakfast Live Streams

If you were unable to attend and/or listen to the live streaming of the first annual Economic Forecast Breakfast hosted by Neuhoff Media on Friday March, 1, you can now listen to it at your leisure in the segments presented – overview, manufacturing, healthcare and education.  Each segment is around 20 minutes long.

Composite (1:43 hrs.) Vermilion Advantage, Manufacturing, Health Care,  & Education:

Vermilion Advantage (20:41min.)

Manufacturing (22:01 min.)

Health Care (22:40 min.)

Education (27:17 min.)

We are grateful for the terrific turnout at the event and for the many sponsors that made it possible. 

You can also access the videos off of the Neuhoff website at

As always, thank you for your ongoing support

Vicki L. Haugen

President & CEO