Description of Members Services

Vermilion Advantage is a member-based organization that exists to strengthen and grow the overall economy of Vermilion County.    Through Member support, we have the resources to market Vermilion County’s strengths to potential new businesses and residents.

Each time our Vermilion Advantage Team is successful in retaining or growing the local job base, we create an opportunity to broaden the local tax base, create more customers and spendable income in our community.   However, our existence would not be possible without the generous support of our members.  Therefore, most of our services are restricted to benefit our members only.  

These benefits include:

Make New Business Contacts and Networking Opportunities

Small businesses today have less and less discretionary time and dollars to devote outside of their business.  As a Member of Vermilion Advantage, we try to bring opportunity to you.  This is done through networking opportunities such as Business & Networking luncheons. We also host a variety of member-only councils including Human Resource and Safety. 

Member Directory -

Inside Vermilion County Monthly Publication

We can place promotional flyers about your business in our monthly Vermilion Advantage Inside Vermilion County that is mailed to all 500+ members and is included in business prospect recruitment packets.  We distriubte 1,000 copies publicly in medical waiting rooms, hotels, motels, grocery stores, etc.  We would also do a profile of your business after you become a new member and you can choose to have a story written about your business any time you desire.  You can see current editions of this magazine at  

Monthly Business & Networking Luncheons 

Round Table luncheons provide you with opportunities for business networking.  These luncheons are held the 4th Wednesday of the month.  They are held at our offices or at our sponsor locations and we generally have 40–60 in attendance.

Weekly "Member Announcements"

The Member Announcements are a weekly e-newsletter which goes out online to our members each Wednesday, disseminating important information about your business to all of our members. You can see our Member Announcements here:

Membership Surveying Services  

Membership surveying services can help you identify specific information or trends that may be helpful in your business, HR, safety, marketing, environmental practices, etc.; we can survey and turn results around in as little as 48 hours, based on your needs.  


Our energy partner (APPI) can help you bid out your electrical usage and seek cost savings under Illinois’ deregulation laws.  Roughly 1/3 of our members take advantage of these services!

"What's Happening in Vermilion County this Weekend"

Our weekly “What’s Happening in Vermilion County this Weekend” announcements go out each Friday to ensure you and your employees can keep up on all of the many events occurring over the busy weekends right here in Vermilion County. See our What's Happening announcements here:

Human Resources and Safety Councils

Our Human Resources or Safety Councils meet monthly to share information about laws, new procedures, and how others are dealing with these technical areas of doing business.

Community Marketing Material, Database Statistics and/or Website Information

Our community marketing materials, database statistics, and/or website information can assist your needs, when you are recruiting new workers and new professionals;  we customize these materials based on individual family needs and interests.

Vermilion County Jobs Board 

Our Vermilion County Jobs Board  gives you opportunities to find new employees and to post your hiring needs on one of the most popular job sites in East Central Illinois. Your postings are automatically forwarded to IDES for you, if you wish, broadening your exposure and reducing your time and efforts. 

Educational/Workforce Development Programs

Our educational/workforce development programs are offered to all public schools in Vermilion County.  Our Manufacturing, Logistics, Healthcare and Technology/Service Workforce Clusters fund career-focused educational programs and career awareness services and activities targeting our youth to keep them engaged in education and to help them focus on their future work opportunities by highlighting career and skill needs right here in Vermilion County.

Leadership Tomorrow Program

Our Leadership Tomorrow program has, for over 30 years, offered a unique opportunity for your employees to engage in team-building, leadership skill development and experience an up close and personal look at the history of Vermilion County and how our community functions in areas from agriculture to industry, and from criminal justice to healthcare, education, and beyond.  Over 660 graduates are now volunteering and leading our county. See more information at

Professional Employee Recruitment

Our professional employee recruitment process assists local HR professionals as they customize materials and work with new recruits to address their specific needs for relocation consideration, including information packets, a website, a current executive rental option listing, and assistance with new recruits in trailing partner employment.

Annual Fun(d)raising Event

Historically we hold a summer fundraising event to augment the revenues provided from membership.  This is usually a golf outing at Danville Country Club which provides not only participation as a golfer and networking, but business sponsorship exposure – fun and business networking all in one day!  

These are just a few of the direct and indirect services that are available to you and your business as a valued member of Vermilion Advantage.

If you have questions or you would like more information on membership and how you can join our team, please feel free to contact us at 217-442-6201.

Machelle Dykes coordinates our membership efforts, and she can be reached at



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