Since 1996, APPI Energy provides data-driven energy consulting and procurement solutions that reduce electicity and natural gas costs.  As energy management consultants, we perform due diligence of competitive suppliers in every deregulated market.

Vermilion Advantage selected APPI Energy as its endorsed energy consultant.  Vermilion Advdantage members have access to customized consulting and 21 years of experience and Illinois expertise to help reduce and manage energy expenses.

Vermilion Advantage partnered with Affiliated Power Purchasers (APPI) in 2007 to assist members in managing and reducing electricity expenses.  Scores of members are already working with APPI with great success.  We encourage members to contact APPI and let the experienced APPI staff review your current bill, determine your tariff rate, and discuss the options available to your business.  There is no obligation - they will let you know if cost-savings are not available at pricing time, but will keep trying on your behalf.

Current market data and projections of future energy supply/demand factors indicate that it is very likely that the long-term trend of steady price increases will continue for many years.  One way to protect against the rising and volatile markets is to lock in a fixed-price electricity contract with the assistance of an independent, experienced consultant.  APPI can position you for success in the highly competitive Illinois electricity market.

You can contact APPI at 1-800-520-6685 or  Also, feel free to contact Vermilion Advantage at 217-442-6201, Vicki Haugen: for further information.

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